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Refraction Fee Notice for Patients

Effective June 27, 2023

There are two parts to your eye examination, which are billed separately.

  • The first charge includes the fee for the doctor to evaluate the health of your eyes. This charge is billable to your insurance company, and also to Medicare.
  • The second (vision) portion of your exam is called a “refraction,” which is a test performed to determine the best corrective lenses to be prescribed for each eye.

Although a refraction is a very important vision test, it is considered a non-medical procedure. Medicare and most insurance plans do not pay for this service, the fee of which is now $65.00, effective June 27, 2023.

Please note there may be a contact lens fee of $75 up to $250 in addition to the refraction fee. It is similar to but separate from the refraction fee. Our team will review this fee structure with you.

We request that payment for this service be made at the time of your visit. Thank you.